EspaƱol is an alternative concept for development of Honduras based on using information and communications technology (ICT) to identify, mobilize and coordinate all the available human capital in Honduras and around the world. By "human capital", we mean resources such as time, energy, expertise, experience, talent, and contacts... things that really only gain value when people become personally engaged. It is this engagement that is the key to changing Honduras for the better because it has the effect of transforming the way we look at people in need and systems that are broken. It creates an awareness that pulls us, our friends, our relatives, our acquaintances, and our colleagues out of our apathy and isolation. Developing countries like Honduras rely too much on seeking the financial sort of capital. We see this process as inherently wasteful, inefficient, and unstable. It assumes that the public institutions tasked with managing and disbursing money function well. We do not begin with this assumption. For more information, please contact